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Includes 2 spring bolts, 4 rubber cushions, 4 washers, 2 funnel shaped washers, 2 castle nuts and cotter pins.

Our Price: $75.00
Brembo LCF 600+ Brake Fluid 6 pack Brembo LCF 600+ Brake Fluid 6 pack

Brembo LCF 600+ (DOT 4) brake fluid has an exceptionally high dry boiling point of 601F and a wet boiling point of 399F.
Brembo LCF 600+ also offers up to a 10% reduction in compressibility at 350F compared to other competitors' fluids. Brembo LCF 600+ exceeds all DOT 4 requirements and is suitable for use in all DOT3, DOT4, and DOT 5.1 brake system applications.
Brembo LCF 600+ should not be used in brake systems containing magnesium parts. LCF 600+ is an ideal choice for racing or performance use - combining ultra-high dry boiling point, low compressibility, and consistent pedal feel.

Our Price: $119.95