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Motive Power Brake Bleeder (1992-2010) Motive Power Brake Bleeder (1992-2010)

Bleed your brakes like the pros with Power Bleeder(tm) hydraulic brake bleeder system. Features include: simple one person operation, flush entire system without refilling, no external power source needed, precision pressure gauge for safe operation. Comes with everything you need to bleed your hydraulic brakes.

Our Price: $65.95
Emergency Brake Hardware Kit (1984-1987) Emergency Brake Hardware Kit (1984-1987)

Kit includes all parking brake hardware for the two rear wheels. Includes return and adjusting springs, levers, star adjusters, e-clips and pins.

Our Price: $89.95
Brembo LCF 600+ Brake Fluid 6 pack Brembo LCF 600+ Brake Fluid 6 pack

Brembo LCF 600+ (DOT 4) brake fluid has an exceptionally high dry boiling point of 601F and a wet boiling point of 399F.
Brembo LCF 600+ also offers up to a 10% reduction in compressibility at 350F compared to other competitors' fluids. Brembo LCF 600+ exceeds all DOT 4 requirements and is suitable for use in all DOT3, DOT4, and DOT 5.1 brake system applications.
Brembo LCF 600+ should not be used in brake systems containing magnesium parts. LCF 600+ is an ideal choice for racing or performance use - combining ultra-high dry boiling point, low compressibility, and consistent pedal feel.

Our Price: $119.95
New Power Brake Booster (1985-1991) New Power Brake Booster (1985-1991)

1985-91 Corvette 9” Single Diaphragm Brake Booster, steel replacement unit finished in black.  

Our Price: $169.95
GM Correct New Booster (1984-87) GM Correct New Booster (1984-87)

GM Correct New 1984-1987 factory correct brake booster. These have the correct rivets, mounting studs, yellow vacuum fitting with proper markings, actuating pin, zinc plating, white plastic dust cover, brake pedal clevis with clevis pin and retainer, and even the Delco part number for your specific year.

Our Price: $199.95