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Master Cylinder Rebuild

At Muskegon Brake, we rebuild most automobile makes of brake master cylinders, including Corvettes and GM cars. During the master cylinder rebuilding process, each casting is shot blasted, bored, re-sleeved with stainless steel, rebuilt and repainted. Approximately 3-6 week turn-around depending on the master cylinder.
1953-82 Corvette Master Cylinders $239.95

All GM 7/8”, 1”, 1 1/8” M/C $239.95

You can also trust us with rebuilding your Original Brake Booster. The boosters are completely gone through, seals, diaphragm/s get repaired or replaced, the unit gets blasted, and painted as it came from the factory. We also can replate boosters. Approximately 3-6 week turn-around depending on the booster and its condition.

1963-67 Corvette Boosters $324.95 (includes replating)
1968-76 Corvette Boosters $249.95 (painted black)
1977-82 Corvette Boosters $324.95 (includes replating)

Please call for pricing on any master cylinder or hydrovac unit not listed.