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Corvette Trailing Arm Rebuild & Restoration

We offer comprehensive trailing arm rebuilding and restoration services for nearly all Corvette makes. During the rebuilding process, Corvette trailing arms are disassembled, inspected and cleaned. All critical dimensions are measured and rotor (if included) is selectively aligned to its minimum run out. Your trailing arm is returned completely assembled, complete with these new parts:

  • e-brake cable guide
  • trailing arm bushing
  • bearings
  • seals
  • races
  • stainless steel emergency brake mechanism and new emergency brake shoes.
  • 1 year warranty, unlimited mileage.
Trailing Arm Rebuild $309.95 per Trailing Arm without a Rotor
Trailing Arm Rebuild $349.95 per Trailing Arm with a Rotor Indexed and Trued

2-4 week turnaround
Please contact us for our shipping address and for more information on how to purchase this service.