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Muskegon Brake Core Return/Exchange Policies

Thank you for choosing Muskegon Brake Corvette Parts! We are happy to offer a comprehensive exchange policy on most brake cores.
Before sending us your old brake cores, however, please read our core exchange instructions and policies.
Types of Brake Cores We Exchange
We issue in-store credit for most used brake cores, including cores from:
  • calipers
  • trailing arms
  • A-arms (control arms
  • rebuilt master cylinders
  • power steering pumps
  • power steering control valves
  • power steering slave cylinders, and
  • rebuilt brake boosters.
Basic Core Exchange Policies
Once you have purchased a new core from us, you have up to one full year from the new core purchase date to send your old core back to us for full credit (most Corvette parts stores only allow up to 60 days). Cores are inspected to ensure they're rebuildable, and once we've determined them to be usable, we will issue back a credit. We do our best to have these inspections complete in time to issue credit within 30 days of receiving your used cores.
Please note that the credit we issue may vary, depending on the type and condition of the used part.
How to Return Used Cores
When sending your old cores back to us for credit, please put your name and the invoice number of your new core purchase on the outside of the box to ensure proper credit. Before sending your cores back, we also recommend you review the below criteria to make sure you will be able to receive credit for your cores.
Cores We Are Not Able to Exchange
Although most cores are acceptable for credit, there are a number of reasons we must occasionally reject a core. 
We will not accept caliper cores for the following reasons:
  • Non-AC Delco castings
  • nickel plated 
  • caliper mounting ears broken
  • castings cracked
  • bleeders tampered with (i.e. broken easy-outs, bolts in bleeders, Allen wrenches in bleeders, drilled out bleeders, bleeders broken off flush, etc.)
We will not accept power steering component cores for the following reasons:
- cracked castings
- damaged inlet threads
- missing components
- damaged slave cylinder tube
- bent slave cylinder ram
- aftermarket slave cylinder w/o c-clip
- damaged steering pump housings
We are are only able to offer partial credit on trailing arm and control arm component cores for the following reasons:
- arms with popped welds
- arms rusted through
- spindles out of round beyond tolerance
- broken or cracked bearing carrier ears
- broken or cracked caliper mount
- arms with hose/e-brake brackets removed or relocated
- front control arm shafts bent, damaged, or missing
Have other brake core related questions? See what others are saying on our Corvette forum, or email us with any invoice-specific questions.

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